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The Modified Lifestyle fueled by Performance, Sound and Style.

Fueled by Performance, Sound and Style, is the acclaimed automotive social utility that connects enthusiasts by sharing and exploring what defines the modified automotive lifestyle and the latest in automotive media. Revvolution delivers “state-of-the-industry” outlooks, authoritative perspectives, lifestyle event coverage, vehicle features and tech articles directly to the enthusiast. Team Revvolution has created an innovative automotive social media dashboard that engages by highlighting the industry’s influencers and feeding the enthusiast with the latest in automotive media, news and information.


Revvolution is the driving force behind bringing Shift-S3ctor and their Airstrip Attack event to the Rocky Mountain Region and integrating with Pikes Peak Speedweek. In addition to the digital side of, Revvolution / Randels Media Group is also a turnkey event promotion agency delivering performance-driven results.

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